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This site is a USA Public Resource for owners of Service and Support Animals. It provides Service/Support Animal Information, Service/Support Animal Products as well as  Registration and Certification.

In the Information section of this site, you will find the most relevant and accurate legal information about Service/Support Animals. This legal information may include but not be limited to the public responsibilities as well as the rights of the service dog handlers. This section also contains information about the various relevant issues that pertain to having and handling a service dog as well as education about maintaining the health of your service dog. 

Additionally, on this site, you will find resources that you can utilize to train your Service Animal.

Learning a compassionate approach to training your service dog, assures the development of the deepest possible bond between you and your dog. We encourage and promote force-free training methods only. We promote adherence to the highest standards of training to ensure the safety and comfort of your service dog as well as the public.

We also educate you about the legalities of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Federal Protections. You will learn how to tell the difference between phony sites and legitimate resource websites.

Why Us?


Our service/support dog self--training is over 95% cheaper than in person training, and is at least the same, or much more effective when you personally conduct the training sessions with your dog.


These courses are developed by our team, using the skills of some of the best professional dog trainers in the world. Our Service and Support Animal training courses are fantastic, which contain the materials from the same service dog trainers who may charge $10,000 or more for in person training. Depending on the services and type of support you expect your dog to provide, and your dog’s current level of training, these courses can each take between 2-4 hours to review, and then with practice over 10 - 12 weeks, your dog should be able to master the techniques. In the process of conducting the training sessions, you get to enjoy your time with your beloved dog, bonding more, and training your dog the exact way you want your dog to be trained. The basic training should be good enough to get your dog started as a support or service dog in addition to the special skills of service your dog must perform. Depending on the complexity of the services your medical/psychiatric condition requires, you must definately receive the opinion of the appropriate experts to make sure what skills your dogs must learn and if a professional trainer is required.

Recognized In All 50 states

Regardless of where you live, if you qualify for a service animal (have a physical or psychological disability) and your dog passes our class then you will receive all the service animal benefits.

Meets Airline & Housing Requirements

According to ADA, you are only expected to self train your dog. Professional training is not required. This along with our Qualification Document and Certification and Registration Documents most likely would be sufficient to qualify for most your housing, transportation and other requirements. Almost all transportation companies and airlines shuld be happy accepting the guidelines of the ADA as adequate. Most State laws follow ADA guidelines as well, so if its good enough for ADA, which is the Federal Agency, ran by the Federal Government, it should be good enough for everyone else.

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