FREE 15-minute Training Consultation

Meet with a trainer to get tips & learn about training classes

Do you need recommendations on which classes will help you deal with unwanted behaviors or challenging issues with your pup? Come in to a PetSmart store and get a FREE Training Consultation with one of our Accredited Dog Trainers. This complimentary consultation includes getting tips and guidance on classes to take for many common problem behaviors.

Let our experts help you take the next step toward strengthening the bond with your dog.

  • FREE 15-minute consultation with a PetSmart Accredited Trainer
  • Evaluation & interaction with your pup to identify the right class for them based on their needs
  • One-on-one time to ask questions about behavioral issues, such as, jumping, barking, counter surfing, potty training, etc.

Call your local PetSmart to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation today.

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